(n.) Celebrity, countable

A teenyslut who is ascended from hell, bound to destroy every young children's souls who are destined to become the next upright & talented stars (not like Avril Lavigne, Macauculay Culkin, Gwen Stefani or Zac Efron). Made a high school dropout just before debuting as a singer at an age of 13~15. Keeps herself too busy touting her Guccis and overpriced shits while other girls are dying hard obeying parents' orders. Became a jailbait after her immediate success of her crapsongs. Currently working on her way becoming a superslut, only to be rivalled by Miley Cyrus, Jamie Lynn Spears and more.
On Radio: Jojo's instant-hit songs include "Get Out", "A Little too Late" and "Baby It's You" (featuring now-screwed Bow Wow)

Average listener: Aww, fuck! Turn off this damn song! Ahh!
by HateMainstreamMusic April 29, 2008
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An amazing friend! He is super athletic and is really funny. One of the sweetest boys ever and at moments, awkward, but you love him anyway! Defiantly a smarty and enjoys reading.
Girl 1: Who's that kid over there?
Girl 2: I dont know but he looks like a Jojo
Girl 1: How do you know?
Girl 2: His face is practically buried on that book!
by Cats go Meow November 29, 2011
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Jojo's are smart, pretty, adorable, and everything nice any guy could find in any girl in their life times. They usually use Jojo as a nickname for Jorgeann. They are rare and many guys don't know that they just let the perfect girl go, until shes gone. Their eyes melt the hardest heart of stone. But when she's angry you know it.
person 1: my girlfriend is amazing!
person 2: whats her name?
person 1: jojo
person 2: oh i wish i had a jojo of my own
by Micheal Mexican May 19, 2013
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Usually a girl who gets around. She pulls of the innocent act well, but she will sleep with anyone and anything. Usually dishonest and will steal your man. She will not feel bad about it. Do not befriend a Jojo
Boy: Damn, Jojo is hot.
Friend: Yeah, but she has had sex with nearly everyone in this room.
by Ariel199413 May 30, 2016
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Jojo is a nickname used for the great quality, expensive diamond watches made by Joe Rodeo, a diamond company in New York. They are known for making flashy hip-hop style watches worn by the likes of Bow Wow, 50 Cent, etc.
Damn look at Fiddy's Jojo. That must have cost a fortune!
by ersh1313 December 12, 2007
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