A name given to an extremely sexy dude who knows how to party.
His name shall be Jojoe and he will be the coolest guy on Earth
by ladiesman1364 October 25, 2010
Jojo's Bazaar Adventure. WEIRDEST SHOW I EVER SAW! I saw a episode on carton network a while back where some beefy old guy got into a fight with a zit on his hand. and i wasnt even high on god!
dont need drugs when you got jojo
by BillBollock October 18, 2020
A more discrete way to say joint. Joint's nickname, if you will.
Fire up another jojo boys
by pv$$y-$l@yerXxXx69420 February 8, 2022
Deep fried potato wedges. Sort of like French fries, but a bit fatter. The term is used in the Pacific Northwest.
At KFC, I ordered two extra-crispy chicken strips and some jojos.
by Ducky July 28, 2007
Derived from the disturbingly young American singer, meaning any girl who is clearly looking and acting many years above her age. Her first single Get Out (Leave) is the classic case in point, apparently about a 14 year old conducting a relationship with all the faux emotion and stormy angst of an abused middle aged wife.
"Look at that little Jojo - barely a freshman, but she's already dated half the football team, and is busy stressing about which Gucci handbag to carry"
by jpeterman July 12, 2006
Kidnaps people and makes them her boyfriend
by Bigboibenry July 14, 2018
A person who meant the world to you while you were together and made you happier than anything else and there is simply nothing comparable. A person who you would do anything to be with again no questions asked if they told you what to do you'd do it without hesitation. A person who is drop dead gorgeous but you get to held up in their smile to look any further. To make it simple the most perfect person in the world to be with again.
Zac: There's nothing i want but to have her back.

Brandon: yeah that's how ill felt about my jojo there's nothing better than a girl like that
by cheeseless cracka December 21, 2013