Deep fried potato wedges. Sort of like French fries, but a bit fatter. The term is used in the Pacific Northwest.
At KFC, I ordered two extra-crispy chicken strips and some jojos.
by Ducky July 27, 2007
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Derived from the disturbingly young American singer, meaning any girl who is clearly looking and acting many years above her age. Her first single Get Out (Leave) is the classic case in point, apparently about a 14 year old conducting a relationship with all the faux emotion and stormy angst of an abused middle aged wife.
"Look at that little Jojo - barely a freshman, but she's already dated half the football team, and is busy stressing about which Gucci handbag to carry"
by jpeterman July 12, 2006
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The most beautiful, great, awesome, sexy, funny, cool, football loving, (did i mention beautiful) girl you will ever meet.
I think I met JoJo last night... It was awesome!!!!!
by Kenny Miles November 23, 2007
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1. i chick i would totaly fuck

2. an amazing singer
dude have you seen JoJo? SCHWING
by Adam Hussey September 04, 2006
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Seasoned, fried potato wedge, larger than a french fry. Localized usage in the Pacific Northwest.
Your jo-jos are too bland. You need to add some Johnny's.
by Joel Shaver February 25, 2008
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The nick name I gave my friend because Idk how to spell there name
via giphy
by Demon Milk January 07, 2021
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