3 definitions by slime64

A cute green dinosaur that likes to give Italian hobos free rides and would sacrifice himself to help the need, he also can handle fear and depression because of how hard his life was.
Yoshi is also known for committing tax fraud and nails escaping it, yet might get caught sometimes, Yoshi really does that all the time.
Yoshi is really nice and wholesome and would make anyone happy, although he has such a dark backstory, he will always be there for you.
Yo Yoshi committed tax fraud again smh
by slime64 November 12, 2020
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If a person is named "JoJo" it's a really high chance that they are such a strong person with a great tragedy, however, they would have such a personality, no matter what "JoJo" is, a gentleman, a person who loves to play tricks, a high schooler who always yells at his parent, a random punk with cool hair, a gang star, a horny bitch, a fucking cripple, some sailor with amnesia, you name it!
JoJo can be whatever tragic person you would ever meet.
by slime64 November 22, 2020
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1 massive fucked up typo in which you attempt to spell "so stupid"
"im sos truper"
"fix ur grammer retard xd"
by slime64 May 14, 2022
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