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Unlicensed taxi cabs that service high-crime areas where licensed cabs don't want to go.
We took a jitney to the grocery store cu'z his car done broke.
by Barnacle Steve June 24, 2004
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Originaly a jitney was an African who wears their traditional tribal dress (especially in a setting that it looks out of place- eg. a city) however the word can also be used as a general term for someone who wears traditional dress or just stands out from the crowd.
I was watching a show on Cape Town and in there were a group of Jitneys on the street when everyone else was wearing suits


HAHA who comes to work in a Pink shirt; that guy is such a Jitney

by Kenny Rockit July 26, 2006
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1. Possessions accumulated by Thrifty individuals in hopes that these items may somehow appreciate in value over time.

2. A form or style of decorating a house or yard with flux antiques. A particular style common to the rural Northeastern region of the United States (New England and New York State).

3. Flux antique(s), item(s) of pseudo value, item(s) left behind or discarded, rubbish, something unwanted; cheap ~ of low or little worth or significance.

Jitney lifestyle is not to be confused with farming or farmers. Jitney dwellers are commonly seen among aging rural families. Jitney's have more in common with White Trash, Hillbillies, Crackers and Rednecks. Jitney's are the bombed out shells of once aspiring northeastern families. Many Jitney families once had dignity; such dignity existed in prior generations where parents taught values, morals, and lessons of working hard and saving for the future. Such lessons of savings have been misinterpreted into collecting Jitney, hence the encompassing translation of jitney.

a) Look at that Jitney place!, How in the world can people live like that?
b) Julie is so Jitney! Look at that beat ass dress he's got on.
c) Man that store is filled with Jitney, who would buy a broke dick coat from that place.
d) This place is so Jitney, did you see all the shit laying in the entryway?
by The Real Manhattan March 25, 2011
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A jitney is a makeshift taxicab service that usually accepts alternative forms of payment, such as crack cocaine or sexual favors. These operate solely in the hood.
Moesha, since yo' car was repo'd you gotsta call me a jitney, I ain't walkin. I ain't got no money so gimme an 8ball.
by Cheerio November 18, 2004
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a very large and useless car, named after the bus that travels between manhattan and the hamptons. for example, a 1999 gmc yukon that only has two-wheel drive.
1. the jitney flipped over when i tried to turn into a parking space at whole foods.

2. can it stop on a dime? you'll be lucky if the jitney can stop on forty-eight hundred dollars.
by criffer May 3, 2006
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meaning something cheap,not of good value.
This stereo is jitney.
by CP&AB January 6, 2007
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hot ass van with unlicensed haitan refugee drivers.

Susposed to hold 15 passengers but can pack about 70.

The drivers always get pulled over by the police and get asked for their green cards.
That jitney bus broke down in little haiti

Why does the jitney bus pass by cats so slowly?
by Frank December 17, 2003
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