7 definitions by Cheerio

It is what black people say when they see the po-lice.
Tyrone, quick, put it in yo' pocket. Aw, shit, the po-lice. SPLIT, NIGGA!!
by Cheerio November 18, 2004
An acronym used to denote a clan that uses cheap tactics. Piece of Shit Dirty Whore Tactic Clan.
by Cheerio February 24, 2003
A jitney is a makeshift taxicab service that usually accepts alternative forms of payment, such as crack cocaine or sexual favors. These operate solely in the hood.
Moesha, since yo' car was repo'd you gotsta call me a jitney, I ain't walkin. I ain't got no money so gimme an 8ball.
by Cheerio November 18, 2004
Person 1 “Hey Mama Grace
Person 2 “Who is Grace?”
Person 1 “My friend who is like a mom
by Cheerio April 26, 2018
Any laptop which impedes your performance as a professional gamer.
I'd whup your POSDWTC single handedly if it weren't for this damn craptop!
by Cheerio February 24, 2003
The best sex food ever. also eaten with whipped cream!
zach wants to put whipped cream and strawberres all ove my body. thats hott
by Cheerio March 22, 2005