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considered the best lay ever.
1. sex jackpot gave me three orgasms in a row, and he wasn't even hard yet.

2. my name is criffer, but you can call me sex jackpot.
by criffer May 02, 2006
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a word referring to the substance produced by a female during female ejaculation (or feejing), which smells earthy or, possibly, buttery, and has the consistency of urine, but is not in any way urine.
1. lesbians wear boots so that when they go to lesbian bars their socks won't soak up all the feej on the floor.

2. i'm going to lose my security deposit if i don't paint over all this feej.
by criffer May 02, 2006
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the foreskin of an uncircumcised penis. alternately, an uncircumcised penis.
1. my snozzle is wet.

2. his snozzle looks like a big, hateful anteater.
by criffer May 02, 2006
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a very large and useless car, named after the bus that travels between manhattan and the hamptons. for example, a 1999 gmc yukon that only has two-wheel drive.
1. the jitney flipped over when i tried to turn into a parking space at whole foods.

2. can it stop on a dime? you'll be lucky if the jitney can stop on forty-eight hundred dollars.
by criffer May 02, 2006
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an uncircumcised penis or someone with an uncircumcised penis.
a cavalier is someone with whom one can snoodle.
by criffer March 05, 2006
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