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Moesha's are strong, independent women, they are women of God and are humble. They're thick and amazing lovers, they will always love their partner wholeheartedly. The are wifey material and should not be slept on. Moesha's moves past petty jealousies, are intellectually challenging ,honest and genuine, empathetic, ambitious, are consistent, puts in effort for you ,carries herself with class. Though they have these qualities you wouldn't want to mess with one of them, because they don't take disrespect lightly. Their husbands names are usually Shane, James, Andrew or Daniel (most likely Shane). But if you get lucky to be with one of them don't let them go.
Guy: "Whats a good example of a wife?"
Guy: "Moesha."
by prettylittlesecret January 23, 2018
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Moesha is a very calm collective person , Moesha’s are very smart , sexy , beautiful and attractive , Moesha’s aren’t always thick but they have ass Moesha’s do not put up with bullshit THEY CAN FIGHT , if you find a Moesha keep her cause no one can ever replace a MOESHA she has they eyes that light up the world Moesha’s are a gift DONT LOOSE THEM!!
“Have you seen Moesha yesterday
by Moeshalovers78 December 20, 2017
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Moesha is a very smart , intellegent , sexy girl , her smile is something any man would die for she’s very attractive NO ONE CAN BE MOESHA she’s very calm and clooctive but does not but up with bullshit Moesha’s are good in bed , Any man/Boy who gets Moesha never loose her because you will never find anyone like her again ... Shes just overall a gift!
“Moesha got ass
by Moeshalovers78 December 17, 2017
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A Hilarious Girl.Rally Beauitful and sexy.has a great the type of wifey material.very cool.calm cool and collected person.
The tv show Moesha
by dsgkg February 03, 2009
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Is an (hilarious) girl who is full of (energy). Is kind, caring but can also get (crazy) at times. Is (beautiful), smart and sexy and very (wifey) material.
You might be pretty and know some things or two, but no one can be a Moesha.
by Crazy and hilarious girl November 28, 2017
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Term for brandy liquor. Play on words refering to The Television show Moesha where the lead character was played by the singer/actress Brandy Norwood. Referenced by rapper E-40.
I got that Moesha in my cup.
by E Style February 11, 2006
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