Notches down the spine of a blade created to provide grip on a knife beyond the bolster. Many knives, especially pocket knives, have very shallow or widely spaced non-functional notches that are used solely for aesthetic purposes.
Ontario Rats, SOG Seal knives, Kershaw Rogue all have jimping
by Dead Lemonz August 9, 2010
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A combination of "Jimp" and "simping" where Jimp means Jizzing in my pants and simp is to fawn over someone without anything in return: to be so excited and happy for something/someone that you could jizz in your pants
I got this cool new vacuum for my car and I am jimping!
by Frijolerocontetas April 6, 2021
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When you’re literally such a bitch for your girl you spend every second of everyday beckoning to her every command
Freddie was totally jimping with his girl today
by quack quack your opinion wack February 17, 2020
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Jimping is the act of jumping up while jipping. When a male reaches the point of orgasm and is about to cum he jumps up to get an adrenaline rush as well as the pleasure of ejaculation!
Man i had a killer wank last night! I jimped and all

Man, i need to try jimping!!!

Nah man its graaaannnndd
by Jimper9000 September 24, 2009
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One who drinks coffee, plays the guitar, and smokes cigarettes...
Oh shit, its Jimping. whats up man?
by Toekzy McVeigh December 15, 2004
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Acronym for: "Jizzed In My Pants", from the SNL Digital Short (by the guys from the Lonely Island).
"Speeding down the street when the red lights flash
need to get away need to make a dash
A song comes on that reminds me of you and I


Damn those mozzarella sticks made me JIMP.
by Fresh Wes December 8, 2008
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Jimp, or to jimp, is the hypothetical ejaculation or "jizzing" in your pants often followed by the subject experiencing something highly stimulating or pleasurable.

Derived from the phrase "Jizz in my pants"
When Austin beat his favorite video game he exclaimed, "I just jimped!"
by Billy Nurnell April 7, 2007
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