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Acronym for: "Jizzed In My Pants", from the SNL Digital Short (by the guys from the Lonely Island).
"Speeding down the street when the red lights flash
need to get away need to make a dash
A song comes on that reminds me of you and I


Damn those mozzarella sticks made me JIMP.
by Fresh Wes December 08, 2008
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Jimp, or to jimp, is the hypothetical ejaculation or "jizzing" in your pants often followed by the subject experiencing something highly stimulating or pleasurable.

Derived from the phrase "Jizz in my pants"
When Austin beat his favorite video game he exclaimed, "I just jimped!"
by Billy Nurnell April 06, 2007
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(Jizz In My Pants)

Taken from the song of the same title, JIMP can refer to any moment that extreme excitement occurs - bordering on the orgasmic.
Jill: So, chocolate?
Tim: Meh.
Jill: Some sweets?
Tim: Hmmm.. maybe.
Jill: Chuck Norris action figu..
Tim: Jimp.

Jill: Alright, I'll get you the Norris doll.
by Myoiden Ramre March 13, 2009
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J.I.M.P. is an acronym which is a shortened way of saying 'Jizz In My Pants'. It stemmed from a video originating from Saturday Night Live. The term is used on many internet chat sites as a replacement for other acronyms such as 'ROFLMAO', for anything which the writer finds to be extremely hilarious, sexually arousing or highly enjoyable. As more and more people watch the music video, the term JIMP is becoming more and more acceptable, but it is particularly important when choosing to use this term that the audience understands its meaning, or it is ineffective.

Eventually this term will be a globally used acronym by all internet users, as more and more people watch the video clip. Currently the video has had 26,911,814 hits in total and is ever climbing.
"WOMG that's so funny it made me JIMP!" "That picture just made me JIMP ; " "I scored the winning point, it made me JIMP!"
by Bradley007 February 20, 2009
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Verb. To ejaculate in one's own pants, usually in a hilariously premature fashion. From the song "Jizz In My Pants". Can also be used in the past tense as well as infinitive.
"When that stripper sat on my lap I totally JIMPed."
by Sicklecell86 December 10, 2008
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Dude Chantal and I totally went carpet boarding last night,it was so exhilarating it made me JIMP.

also used as Jimpy, jimped, jimptascular.
by RK February 03, 2009
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