an asshole kind of guy, always disrespects people and will most likely cheat on you. any one who dates a jimmy is in for it and is making a very poor decision.
that girls crying because she got cheated on.
well yeah she was dating a jimmy
by hollaah at me August 20, 2012
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1. Another name for a sprinkle.
2. A nickname given to a gentleman with the full name Jim.
3. To maneuver something.
1. There aren't enough jimmies on my cupcake.
2. "Hey Jimmy!"
3. "I would love to illegally take this car for a ride, but I can't seem to jimmy the door open." :(
by cowsgomoo212 May 20, 2010
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An almighty being of immeasurable strength and agility. He can kill in less than 3.7 seconds and he is a very smart egg.
"Hey, did you see Jimmy walking down the street?"
"Hell Yeah, he's awesome!"
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by Speedraman October 17, 2017
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to constantly spill or dribble coffee without rhyme or reason
I was just raising the cup to my lips and pulled a jimmy all over my lap
by Candy Muffinbaker October 14, 2006
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a little known term used to described a Caucasian man, usually from the South or in particular other states that has so many small rural towns, who is considered poor and uneducated (hence another name for a white trash). Also called Jim Jones or Jim White.
*scene starts with an Asian tourist in Louisiana*

Tourist: Excuse me, sir. Could you give me the directions for Baton Rouge?

Louisiana resident: You go north and take detour in another highway after the next two exists and make a left turn at an intersection in Laurel Creek, but whatever you do don't make a stop there...

Tourist: Why not?

Louisiana resident: 'Cause that place is crawling with shed-dwelling Jimmy folks!
by legs21 February 11, 2011
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An amazing person; someone who is always thinking of others before hisself; a person who knows how to cheer people up when they are down. This person usually makes an amazing lover and sexual partner, is always up for kinky and different things. Rarely says no due to somethings strangeness. Extremely funny and outgoing, sweet and passionate. Sarcastic and usually interested in the more subconscious forms of life. He likes to explore and learn new things. Quite simply, he is the shit.
Girl: "Wow, your boyfriend is so amazing."

Kayla: "Yeah, he really is!! :D"

Girl: "He must be a Jimmy?"

Kayla: "Yup, sure is. Dangg, I'm lucky!!"
by Fallenstupid4you October 05, 2010
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