executed at track meets everywhere, this field event kicks all the other field events' asses! it's by far the best use of one's athletic talent. you have to have it all to be able to jump, and we're talkin' speed, flexibility, strength, endurance. the ultimate.

also: shiz is used to determine one's starting point.
kendra won the 2A state high jump with a jump of 5'8". amazing!
by kendra (shiz) November 01, 2006
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Wining a dining a girl who has a boyfriend with the intention of setting her standards too high for him (or other men) to handle. A form of long term cock blocking against the general population.
Taking a girl you do not intend to date at that moment on a once in a lifetime experience like a vacation, concert, or something super amazing and fun.

I took that girl on a helicopter ride, she loved it. Too bad her boyfriend can't afford it, man I high jumping!
by Stealsyourgirl August 15, 2013
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When a hautian realizes that his or her life is utterly worthless at which time they climb to the top of the highest structure around and jump off, thus ending their misrable life.

see hautian
Poor Bubba did the hautian high jump.
by Eib October 30, 2003
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A "High School Musical" Jump is a picture taken of someone while they have jumped and are in mid-air. It is inspired by the popular "High School Musical" movie posters of the cast members jumping in mid-air (hence the title).
Joe: Let's take a picture.

Alex: Let's make it of a "High School Musical" Jump!

Joe: Alright.

Alex: Okay...one...two...three...jump!

(As they jump and are in mid-air, the camera takes the picture.)
by gizmo19961 October 25, 2009
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A jump usually performed by the high school musical cast where you jump in the air holding hands and stay there, in midair. This jump is often performed by teenagers who were children in the high school musical era.
We did a high school musical jump in our class picture.
by Wereallinthistogether May 22, 2014
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