Jimmy is a man who is smart,intelligent, and hansom. He gives the best advice. He might not seem like he cares what your saying, but he really does listen and care. He will do anything to protect of what he loves. He can fix things very quickly and does a good job at it. He works very hard, and is diffidently someone to thank each day. You would be very thank full if you have a Jimmy.
Guy one: " Dang, who ever fixed this bike did an amazing job!"

Guy two: "Oh, Jimmy did that. He did it in like two minutes"

Guy one:" He tore this entire bike apart and fixed it in two minutes?!"

Guy two: "Wow"
by b-ball4life6 November 01, 2018
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A very attractive man with a eye catching smile, usually referred to as a very passionate lover by every woman. Aims to please! He has a genuine kind heart of gold and puts everyone before himself. Really funny, great listener. Very hard to catch but once his heart is captured, he is blind to anyone else. A rare breed indeed.
Sally: Hey jimmy, you want to grab a drink sometime?

Jimmy: aww thanks, I appreciate the offer but I have a girlfriend.
by Ezekiel the prophet December 15, 2018
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Jimmy is when you stare at people until they feel uncomfortable and you want to murder them.

Jimmy can also be when you accidentally get the girl you hate pregnant.
β€œI got Mia pregnant dude.”
β€œOh shit, you jimmy!”
β€œLol I’m ditching that ass anyways.”

β€œHe always stares at me like he wants to murder me, I hate it.”
β€œGirl, he’s just being a stupid ass jimmy, ignore him.”
by JimmyIsHoldingMeHostage January 21, 2018
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A very lovable person someone u can count on and will always be their for you and very attractive with beautiful hair and a smart person
Did u know Jimmy can keep secrets
by Itz_finally here21 October 28, 2018
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Man 1: "Pee yew, what stinks?"
Man 2: "I think that's Jimmy."
Man 1: "Ugh, that stinky fuck."
by Jimmy's _Mom January 30, 2019
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