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A king among bros who leads his pack into battle and against all odds. Heroes get remembered, but this bro-king legend never dies...
"Dude, I'm not going to the bars unless Buch goes."
by buchbroking February 04, 2010
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A deranged, poorly-planned attempt to seize power; particularly if an election does not turn out in your favor.
Disgraced attorney Rudy Giuliani’s face became drenched in sweat and hair dye as he invented evidence of widespread voter fraud during President Trump’s clown coup.
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by Peach_emoji December 13, 2020
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noun: A dumb shit; someone on the brink of retardation; someone with the inability to talk, listen, type, or even use sign language.

verb: to act like a complete moron; to embarass others in front of females.
"Come on man, don't be a buch"


"Stop buchin'"
by malloryzappa May 21, 2006
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An annoying, try-hardy word used by white, woke-attempting granola boys and girls trying to avoid standard conversation pieces with baristas of coffeeshops hopping on the bandwagon of serving Kombucha.

Slang and/or nickname for "kombucha". Pronounced "booch".
Barista- "Hi, what can I get started for you?"

Me- "Give me the buch, please."

Barista- "Gladly."
by mackdaddymoron November 01, 2019
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synonymous with the word "bunch",
but with greater emphasis on how hip the objects and/or people in the "bunch" are.
"I found a buch of vintage albums last night!"

"Lets get a buch of peeps together and party"

by KaterY April 13, 2006
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(rhymes with "much") used as a slang to mean a "bitch" that is good (a good bitch). What you may call a friend or someone who has done a good deed. Originated from a piss-take on the New Zealand accent.
"Hey Buch, how's it going?"
or "What are you doing Buch?"
or "She gave me the day off work, what a good buch"
by glennedin May 06, 2014
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