A king among bros who leads his pack into battle and against all odds. Heroes get remembered, but this bro-king legend never dies...
"Dude, I'm not going to the bars unless Buch goes."
by buchbroking February 4, 2010
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An annoying, try-hardy word used by white, woke-attempting granola boys and girls trying to avoid standard conversation pieces with baristas of coffeeshops hopping on the bandwagon of serving Kombucha.

Slang and/or nickname for "kombucha". Pronounced "booch".
Barista- "Hi, what can I get started for you?"

Me- "Give me the buch, please."

Barista- "Gladly."
by mackdaddymoron November 1, 2019
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(rhymes with "much") used as a slang to mean a "bitch" that is good (a good bitch). What you may call a friend or someone who has done a good deed. Originated from a piss-take on the New Zealand accent.
"Hey Buch, how's it going?"
or "What are you doing Buch?"
or "She gave me the day off work, what a good buch"
by glennedin May 6, 2014
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also; buche fagus (noun) a mid european tree with home erotic leanings.
See that german beech tree suckin' on the oak like a cheap dutch ho? It's a feckin' buche fagus!
by Slutwhumper October 14, 2003
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something that resembles fried squid
can i have egg fried rice and a side order of buche please?
by [D]Mr Cream T October 14, 2003
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noun: A dumb shit; someone on the brink of retardation; someone with the inability to talk, listen, type, or even use sign language.

verb: to act like a complete moron; to embarass others in front of females.
"Come on man, don't be a buch"


"Stop buchin'"
by malloryzappa May 21, 2006
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