Hard ass game fucking hell I can't get past the fucking dragon holy fuck I'm so mad fuck this game I didn't want to beat it anyways fuck
Hey man, you play the new game Cuphead?
No dude, that shit's way too easy! Webkinz is where it's at!
by pissyCat October 9, 2017
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Another example of a good game ruined by its fanbase. Just don't search up "cupcest" on Google Images, then that way the game doesn't get ruined for you.
Person 1: "Did you see that fanart of Cuphead and Mugman having s..."
Person 2: "Shhhhh!!!!, don't ruin Cuphead for me with it's cancerous fanbase please."
by (^’.’)> hello! January 3, 2018
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An amazing PC game that centers around 2 boys named cuphead and mugman, one day they go to "The Devil's Casino", and ends up having to go with a deal with the Devil himself. With Cuphead being a little carried away, they both end up getting snake-eyes and as part of the deal, the Devil must take their souls. With both Cupman and Mugman refusing to do this fateful punishment of the Devil, the Devil decides to spare them if they get all the souls of every boss in the game, in which they both agree on.
This game was very impressive as for using traditional hand-drawn animation as if you were actually playing a 1930's cartoon, and also impressive that the game was made in unity of all engines. The game, although looking beautiful, is extremely hard, to beat this game, you need to be very skilled in platforming in order to complete it, it's just about trial and error, and if you could try your best, you could try and win the game.
Just like other indie games that had their success comes with some awful fandom that was spawned. Unlike the Undertale, the FNAF, or the BATIM fandoms, the Cuphead fandom is pretty much worse in any way possible, basically, according to rule 34- If it's cute, make porn of it. The porn mostly consists of either Mugman fucking Cuphead, Mugman sucking on Cuphead's big fat "straw", or even the bosses and side characters at least had a huge cock to please those horny gay guys and gals of tumblr.
"Cuphead seems to be a hard game, but these characters are well designed! I wonder what the internet has to say about this!" *looks up tumblr* "Welp, I ain't playing this shit anymore."
by That2000'sKid October 27, 2017
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You get hard fucked continiously while your getting sucked in by a cup. Pretty much sums up gameplay for the Xbox one timed exclusive Cuphead.
Lashawnda Johnson was offering cuphead underneath the bleachers at school, people didnt like it but it was good head.
by Mr. Wendys October 17, 2017
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The reason suicide rates are more the 2 deaths a year.
I was playing cuphead but I just couldn't beat it after fucking years of trying. I think I'm through with life.
by Ecclesiastes II July 21, 2018
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Cuphead is a game where you just shoot some nubs away, Its also a 1930 themed run n' gun game
person 1: cuphead is me favorite game
person 2: its boring
person 3: its really boring
person 1: how could a run n' gun game be so boring?
person 2 & 3: you just shoot nubs away
person 1: ....
person 4: CUPHEAD HAS 1000+ LIKES YOU STUPID PERSON 1 AND 2 or whoever your name is..

Cuphead secret achievement: Complete all run n' gun levels without shooting and killing any enemies you will get Pacifist achievement and you get P ranks
by KnowYourMaths July 11, 2018
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