person #1: whatsup
person #2: not much, drove to school last night.
by B January 6, 2005
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The most mixed up/ f*ked up school in North Carolina. Home to the rich white snobs shipped in from Cary, the ghetto/welfare blacks from Raleigh and the illegal/ex-prisonmates mexicans. Where there is at least one gang war, two stabbings, and 20 car thefts every year. Where football team has been last in the state for over 10 years now and seems to never get any better. Where the freshman girls seem to be screwing earlier and earlier. Where if you go out into the parking lot all you see are cars that are all worth over $40,000 and then go down a little furter down the road near the school and you will find cars worth $40. You got your variety of white folks there... the rich-hippies, the rich-yuppies, the rich-sluts, and the rich-geniuses. Where certain kids get picked up in a new $100,000 car every day. Where there is an enmorous amount of pot smoking going on but depending on how much money you have the kind of pot you have (i.e. headies, middies, swag, and FIRREEEE) where everyone does drugs but the white/rich snobs from Cary get the money from their parents and ghetto black/mexicans rob each other or the white snobs from Cary for it. Home to the original senior rock, Athens has some of the highest G.P.A's and some of the lowest G.P.A's. Where the ex-mayor son goes and gets high with all the other rich pot heads in their mercedes/BMW's/or whatever car that daddy bought for them. Athens is known for having the white population decrease every year and number of gang members start to increase. Athens is known for their hot cheerleaders and pothead but definately hot soccer team... Basically Athens is your ultimate melting pot...the only thing you need to know is that if your at athens you either have crack, a gun, or coach purse.
Girl #1: Damn which drug am I going to do today??
Girl #2: Damn't! $150 a week just isn't working for me
Girl #3: I wonder whos my baby's daddy?
Girl #4: Where are we??? Athens Drive High School
by yesssss!!! December 5, 2005
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A situation that makes little to no sense.
Man, out of nowhere, a dude threw a pop-tart wrapped in bacon and underwear at me. Cat driving a school bus driving a school bus.
by aotsviewer September 21, 2010
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