a cult leader who killed hundreds, along with taking his own life, by drinking cyanide laced koolaid in guyana in the 70s
the jim jones cult moved to jonestown guyana, then after shooting a senator and his guards, he ordered them to drink the poison and took his own life
by visual77 September 21, 2003
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the juice you receive in jail that no one knows what its really made of.
hey man dont drink that jim jones you wont be able to get your dick up again
by partymarty4000 August 4, 2008
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An overated rapper who only has one good song which is " We Fly High ". Honestly if Jim Jones haden't come up with that one song you wouldn't be looking for him on Urban Dictionary.com now would you?
Jim Jones ain't balling, nah, not even close.
by Alaysia December 18, 2006
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Mediocrity personified.
Can't rap? No problem, just join dipset.

Jim Jones
This is that bang, bang, bang
To my hooligan, gang
While you movin' them thangs
And ya toolies go blast (silence)
Call me Richochet Rabbit
Cause I click and spray matics
by Banger214 March 10, 2007
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A rapper hailing from the notorius Harlem. Smart-businessman turned lyricist and video producer. Gulliest person in any hood.
Don't quote me man cause, i aint say sh**.- Jim Jones, Certified Gangsters

Thats for them ice-cream ni**as. pull up with the AK and lite them cream ni**as.- Jim Jones Purple City Gangsters

Put some crome to your soul and let it blow there they go.-Jim Jones Purple City Gansters

Now be advised we be them guys hundred G's on a ride, gun on me when I drive, gun on me when i ride
Cause of that envy and jealousy...- Jim jones Purple City Gangsters
by Alesia February 1, 2004
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A rapper who was originally famous for We Fly High. He is now famous because of Pop Champagne. Jim Jones is amazing.
That Jim Jones is hott.
by Kindahl February 12, 2009
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A slang name for a juice rationed out with meals to convicted felons whom are serving time in prison.
"Hey Carlos, if you're gonna toss out your Jim Jones give it here!"
"Here man, you can have that shit, it'll rot your gut and stain your teeth!"
"Cottonmouth from that nickel! I'm too thirsty to care bro."
by adust99 November 3, 2007
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