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meaning to be kicked out or banned. the true origin has nothing to do with military graves or the year 1886, whoever mentioned the prohibition bar with the address of 86 is the correct one.
I got 86ed from the Orleans Casino after stealing a shit load of stuff
by visual77 September 29, 2003
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a source of information that many take at face value. some truths are told, some are lies. im not saying all media lies to control us, but everyone has some sort of bias and the media does as well. learn to hear/read/watch the media and form your own conclusions, dont blindly follow and dont blindly reject because lets face it, none of us have first hand knowledge for everything.
fox and cnn may lie to us, but they also tell the truth at times, learn to filter through it and come to your own conclusions
by visual77 September 18, 2003
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the place to learn mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, modern algebra, and others.
although its true, jackass, that i have never used calculus in a supermarket, i do use it and trigonometry in my 3d animation work and programming, making more in a day that you do all year flipping burgers
by visual77 October 16, 2003
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Something that nobody on urban dictionary realizes exists. As can be easily seen through the pronunciation of words like wordcool. Note that multiple pronunciations have multiple hypens, and a hyphen denotes a syllabic break, when cool is only one syllable and needs no hyphenation.
Cool is a one syllable word, but apparantly is pronounced K-ew-l, which is 3 syllables.
Slut is also one syllable, but according to some jackass, it is pronounced S-Lut.
by visual77 September 2, 2003
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a cult leader who killed hundreds, along with taking his own life, by drinking cyanide laced koolaid in guyana in the 70s
the jim jones cult moved to jonestown guyana, then after shooting a senator and his guards, he ordered them to drink the poison and took his own life
by visual77 September 21, 2003
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a smaller version of las vegas, much farther north, near the nevada capital, Carson City. much better climate than las vegas, but also less opportunity for locals to scam tourists, whether its a casino doing the scam or a bunch of kids doing the scam.
i went to reno in april and saw snow. ive lived in las vegas my entire life and never seen actual snow. it was interesting.
by visual77 September 18, 2003
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