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The Germanic/Dutch spelling of the word Africa. From "Zuid Afrika" which was the name for South Africa given by the Dutch settlers who founded, claimed and built the country that was then unjustly stolen from them by the immigrant hordes of low intellect backed up by left wing, bleeding heart, liberal swine.
Afrika, is primarily the Nordic European spelling of the English Anglo word.
Have you ever been to South Africa? It was a paradise up until 1994. So sad, the country will now devolve back into the stone age...with maybe the exception of Southwest Afrika. That is the Israel of the Afrikaner. The new proposed homeland and last enclave of civilization for white South Africans.
by adust99 November 09, 2007
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A white girl whom betrays her own tribe of peoples, giving her life, passion and reproductive potential over to that of the black tribe, or peoples.
Did you hear about Mary? Ever since she got into the whole rap thing she only dates black guys now. Word is, her father has a hit put out on her! Can you imagine if your very own daughter turned Jane Goodall on you? What a knife in the chest...
by adust99 October 17, 2007
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A slang name for a juice rationed out with meals to convicted felons whom are serving time in prison.
"Hey Carlos, if you're gonna toss out your Jim Jones give it here!"
"Here man, you can have that shit, it'll rot your gut and stain your teeth!"
"Cottonmouth from that nickel! I'm too thirsty to care bro."
by adust99 November 02, 2007
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A politically correct way of saying "Kick in the nuts" normally used in a proverbial context.
The morning news caster, Jennifer Van der Hoff, stated that the democratic party was dealt a Kick in the pants yesterday when the latest book about Hillary Clinton unveiled her past wire tapping incidents.
by adust99 October 17, 2007
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Southwest Afrika is the new homeland for the Afrikaner people residing inside the former South Africa under National Party rule. Southwest Afrika is located between the Northern and Western Cape provinces. Orania is the first Township of its kind and is designated as an Afrikaner enclave that marks this new lands eastern most point. The proposed territory then runs west until it meets the Atlantic ocean.
Although Orania is an official Afrikaner township with its own laws and currency, Southwest Afrika is at this time only the proposed land for the Afrikaner homeland. It is known as the Israel for the Afrikaner, as they believe their government was unjustly stolen from them. They are not racist but indeed, they are Preservationists. They believe in the potential of their Tribe and desire to preserve their people, as well as their Afrikaans language from extinction. The political wing of The New Great Trek movement is the "Vryheids Front" or translated into Freedom Front. Afrikaner belief is that Afrikaners must only be ruled by Afrikaners.
White South Africans are migrating clandestinely on towards the new Great Trek! It is now time to go in droves! Come brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, your children...Let us Trek to Orania and spread our seed West. We must build our new Nation of Southwest Afrika. It is only a piece of the great land that was robbed from us, but it is the key to our preservation. Afrikaner must be ruled by Afrikaner!
Our Israel awaits us...Let those who wish to immigrate to Orania from outside South Africa do so, knowing that when setting foot upon Orandie soil...that they must from then fourth relinquish their former title and become for then and on forever Afrikaner!
by adust99 November 09, 2007
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