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To have an attitude of complete confidence. The word envisions a person above the rest of the people, symbolizing how they don't care what other people think since they're confident being themselves.
The word is used a lot in hip hop lyrics to convey this meaning.
by flyhighdefinition January 24, 2011
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A tongue-in-cheek form of condolence used in the K-pop community on Twitter, similar to "RIP" or "F."

Origin: "Fly high, X1" was the slogan of Korean idol group X1, whose members were chosen from the competition reality series "Produce 101." In January 2020, just five months after X1's extremely popular debut, a voting corruption scandal put into question the legitimacy of some of the chosen members and the group disbanded. "Fly high" was initially used by X1 fans in earnest to grieve for the loss of their group and was soon appropriated by non-X1 fans as a meme due to lack of sympathy for the circumstances leading to X1's disbandment. Fly high, X1.
A: Fuck, my favorite group is competing against BTS at a music show next week.
B. LOL, fly high.
by anonymous moa May 19, 2021
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1) To enjoy the song.
2) To feel emotional energy from listening to a very good song.
3) To have fun socially while listening to music.
4) To have a good time.

The term was taken from the Soulfly song "Flyhigh" where it gives me energy to flap my wings and fly.
I'm flying high with my brother while playing pool! Other times though, I flyhigh myself while working on my computer with music playing. Going into the beyond, people are flying high in the party!
via giphy
by cosmic user December 16, 2018
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