former country in south america, started out as a colony of england, famous for the great jim jones incident, most of the people speak broken english which is english with certain words that are missing in a phrase or words we make up, now has a corrupt government, and isn't doing to well
"yo where you from?"
"where da fuck is that shit"
"south america"
"what do you speak?"
"broken english"
what da fuck is that?"
"its like, wha da fuck wrong wi you bai"
"shut ya face you scunt ya"
by RAGMAN October 16, 2004
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You know you're Guyanese...

When you go to International Pancake House and ask fuh Dhal & Roti.

When the only word to describe somebody that can't dance is "Pagaley".

When you spit in a tin can full of carbon, and shake it good before Lighting it up. And set fire to some kerosene soaked steel wool on clothes hanger for your home made fireworks.

When you know what black sage is.

When you invite your girl friend for a date at the cinema, and she bring the whole family.

When you ask the shopkeeper to sell you 2 cigarettes instead of the whole pack.

When you go to school with green mangoes and salt and pepper in your pocket.

When you cover up the mirror when lighting flashing.

When yuh best fren is yuh girlfriend bruther.

when you know it's time to get up because you hear the first fowl cock in the morning...

When you turn up at a wedding, uninvited, eat up dem food, and drink up dem rum.

WHEN.... children want to be read a "nancy story" before they go to sleep.

When you spout terms like last lick, anti man, mota bike, sweetie,
patacake, buddy.

When you go to the cake shop and buy salara.

When you refer to all chewing gum as "Chico".

When ya pick up ya date and put she pon the wood bar on ya three speed bicycle and ya all gon to Brown Bettie for ice cream.

When you remember Good Friday as being quiet and the only thing you are allowed to wear is black, white or purple and eat only
fish .

You used to know at least one banna named Reds, or Coolie boy, or Dougla or Fat Boy, or Buck Boy, or Chinee.

When you know what "gimme lil ting" mean ; )

When you know when not to touch the radio, because ya mother want to hear death announcements.

When you know the difference between a "ginip" and a "jamoon".

When you know a "cashew" to be a fruit and not a nut.

When you spend Easter Monday flying your kite at the seawall .

Yuh used to run after school fuh buy flutie cone crush, and snow cone with condensed milk .

Yuh went to school wid at least one girl that had a big batty.

When you ask for a buckta instead of underwear.

When..your Air Jordan is a yattinboots...

When ya see a drunk man ride he bicycle all the way home from the rumshop and fall as soon as he reach home.

When you ask for directions and you're told to "go daside and tun lef, den go pass de coconut tree and jump ovah de trench and yuh reach
Only true Guyanese people can relate to this list....that excludes ayuh pretend, "cantuh" Guyanese dat come from foreign (New York, Toronto, etc.)
by Incognegro August 26, 2005
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tha country in South America bordering the Carribbean Sea. Most of its skilled people are livin in the States, Canada, Britain, or in di rest of the Carribbean. There is a huge Guyanese community livin in the Little Guyana, Queenz, NY.
so, where are you from?
Mi from Guyana ya scunt.
by BBX January 8, 2006
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One of the most beautiful places and one of the most relaxing, calming countries I've visited!
Bailey: Viva La Guyana
Lucas: Hell yeah!!
by zacharybinx July 12, 2005
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Most likely is an anagram of the slang term Guaynaa. Long ago this was an English colony (other countries laid claim before this though) where they brought immigrants from ALL over the world to work the sugar cane fields.

People, even natives, have been brainwashed into thinking that so many words are made up. It's just not true. Many words come from other languages, obviously, "pon" it's a command verb from Spanish, but if you look at the food you might see the parallel in language. There is Indian foods (curry and roti), but also heavy influence from Chinese (lo mein, fried rice, Chinese cake which is identical to Chinese mooncakes), African(plantains), Spanish(salt fish and tomatoes, flan, beans and rice), many dishes are similar to even the Southern United States, like cook-up rice (pilau).

ALSO!!!! Old timey American dishes from the revolution, they served pepperpot soup, which is the national dish of Guyana. Pepperpot being a way the natives cooked and preserved meat, with cassareep. George Washington most likely ate pepperpot!!!!

There's a lot not being taught in History class. A lot that the teachers don't even know probably.... All in all Guyana was probably the NYC of the 1800s. Lots of different people, different languages, different backgrounds convinced it would be land of opportunity but it was just helping to keep capitalism afloat.
What do you mean you are from Guyana? It means I come from people from all over the world. I don't have time to teach you world history right now. Sorry.
by CoolieCorner6797 May 16, 2023
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A location in Queens, New York Town of Richmond Hill

By Liberty Avenue were lots of Guyanese and coolie people live and hang out
Dem baiz a wait fuh u in Little guyana on 121 street.
by cooliegyal011 September 7, 2009
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Da place in NYC where all of da people from Guyana n Trinidad are livin.
I na have di ting fa Little Guyana example cuz me a di library computa fo sho.
by BBX December 4, 2005
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