Jick (n): A stupid, foolish, dim-witted, stinky, or otherwise undesireable person, place, thing, event, or memory.
2.Jick (n): In the game of Jickball, the Jick is the player currently in fourth place out of four. The Jick must retrieve the "Goddamn" from the "Jesus Christ".
"Rob you freakin Jick."
"Your the Jick Fucker...get the goddamn outta the jesus christ now."
by Rukas1 December 24, 2003
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N. Combination of the word 'Jerk' and 'Dick'

-in reference to men who are complete and total asshats .
'Hey, im coming over and bringing wine'
'Uh oh, what happened'
'He bailed on me tonight...AGAIN'
'Ugh fucking jick '
by Asking for a friend November 23, 2016
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A minor deity in the Kingdom of Loathing; often used in mild threats or pleadings
1. \"Open spoilers in chat make baby Jick cry.\"

2. \"Thank Jick it wasn\'t just me.\"
by PhoenixFireRising April 27, 2005
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N. A person who lives in a town named after a bird in the middle of the desert and draws stick figures for a living, and enjoys making echoes on radio shows by leaving his goddamn speakers on.
"That Jick never gave me my damned Mr. Accessory even though I put the cash in the mail 2 whole days ago!
by Ithrildor July 20, 2006
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(n.) A combination of the words dick and jerk, meaning a complete and utter asshole.

An individual who has no friends, specifically for being "that guy"
You are being such a fucking jick!!!
by Grip Johnson February 24, 2010
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"Hey dude, I heard you got hurt yesterday. Hahaha!" "Shut the fuck up you jick
by Jacob "money man/jazzy jacob February 25, 2011
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A noun referring to someone/something possessing the qualities of both a jerk and a dick. The word has the benefit of sounding like an offensive racial epithet (i.e. jew and spick.)
John was making passes at my girl last night.
What a Jick.

My Jick of a dog pissed on the carpet last night!
by Bekks November 15, 2006
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