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Jezz is an intelligent female. She is friendly and a bit weird in a good way. She definitely knows how to defend herself when it comes time, she’ll get straight with you. Jezz looks like she got blessed by God himself, he truly put some time into this female. Her body is magnificent and she’s talented, athletic and she has a big heart. She’s everything a guy can ask for.
you seen jezz today? She really blessed me
by Snailyseatslime April 27, 2019
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short for Jezzrene. She is an amazing person inside and out. She is very fun to be with, she is funny, pretty, she is weird but in a good way. She loves her friend very much (a friend named Abby in particular) and she enjoys most of her time sleeping (lol). She is very intelligent but she doesn't know it. She is an amazing singer but a terrible sprinter. She plays the guitar a lot and she takes her time when eating food. She is near-sighted and... uhh.. let's see... she loves dogs and Pewdiepie and Ariana Grande. She is also very very loved by her best friend (whom she met just this school year) and that best friend, who apparently should be doing their project due tomorrow but is bored and nonchalantly wasting her time on the urban dictionary (also made a subscription to the site just for this) is named Abby. HI JEZZ hahahahaaahahahahhhaha.
What the hellabalonies Jezz!
JEZZ give me a reason, JEZZ a little bit's enough, JEZZ a second were not broken just bent and we can learn to love agaaaaain!!!
I musician who plays JEZZ plays classical JEZZ. if u kno wat i mean.
by Teenage Mutant Nigga Turtle December 10, 2013
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fucking lit. She’s dope and chill as can be. She loves food and dick. Can be freaky. Just gotta ask.
“Damn. There’s jezz. Ight cool.”
by jezz’s Bitch June 03, 2019
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