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Any of various cold-blooded video-gamers you meet online that play poorly or cheaply; specifically regarding camping, cheating, stealing, or any fishy activities.
Go plant the bomb, you stupid Jewfish!!!
by Kevin Vales December 12, 2007
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Yet another insulting term for Jews (or anyone for that matter). Usually applied to the situation in which you are denied something and you end up getting pissed off.
"Hey man, do you think I could borrow a few condoms from you? I'm out."

"Heeellll no man!! I need them bitchez tonight!"

".....Fuckin Jewfish."
by Dr. Rufus March 01, 2009
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one who looks like a typical jew; big nose, dark curly hair
Chris: I don't think we're in the mountains anymore.
Anthony: Why not?
Chris: Check out all the Jewfish!
Anthony: Whats with the hats?
Chris: I dont know...
David: Shabbat Shalom!
Anthony: Shit...we wandered into a synagogue.
by Jeffy Ross May 31, 2008
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1. Reluctant to spend or give; stingy.
2. A person regarded as sneaky or treacherous.
3. One who deliberately takes advantage of others.
1. Why do you disappear every time it's your turn to buy a round you jewfish mutha?
2. How come you're always comin' 'round the weekend I get paid you jewfish snitch?
by Ludachris September 01, 2005
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People who play WoW (World of Warcraft) way to much and do not have a life because of their addiction to it.
Dave you are such a Jewfish. You should be going out with us tonight.
by Overlordmoo March 06, 2015
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