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A situation where a large number of uninvited house guests intentionally crash a party, consume large quantities of food and drink.
Adrian, has a party for some good friends and neighbors. Liz knows about the party, but is not invited. Liz decides to invite the entire neighborhood and claim that Adrian initiated the invite. The end result is Adrian's party having a significant number of guests and leaving him feeling house raped.
by LudaChris August 24, 2013

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1. To frequently ask others for money or food.
2. To search through for salvageable material: scavenged the garbage cans for food scraps.
3. To collect and remove refuse from: The streets are periodically scavenged.
1. Every time we go out, you're always askin' for 10 bucks you scabdog!
2. "Have ya got a spare dollar bloke?". "Go get a job and earn your own money ya scabdog!"
3. "Are you gonna eat all ya food?". "Go and buy your own dinner ya scabdog!"
by Ludachris September 19, 2005

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community college in Torrance, CA where local high school students go to continue high school after they graduate, under the auspices of "going to college" also known as UC El Co, UC Torrance, etc.
"you graduate from Narbonne?"
"where you goin next year? UCLA?"
"nah man..got rejected. im goin to UC EL CO BITCH!!!!"
by LuDaChRiS August 09, 2003

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1. Reluctant to spend or give; stingy.
2. A person regarded as sneaky or treacherous.
3. One who deliberately takes advantage of others.
1. Why do you disappear every time it's your turn to buy a round you jewfish mutha?
2. How come you're always comin' 'round the weekend I get paid you jewfish snitch?
by Ludachris September 01, 2005

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