A Grouper is an enormous women usually weighing at least 200+ pounds. A Grouper usually smells like a run down cheese factory due to the obscene amount of calories shovelled into their gullet.
A Grouper is an absolute menace to anything even remotely heathy. They can often be found having a field day at the buffet table.
Ben: hey man, did you smell that fat lady with the stature of a Cape buffalo back there?
Adam: yea, she had to be a grouper!
by Mooncricket6969 March 2, 2021
A person who changes gender or sexual orientation later in life much like the way that a grouper can change sexes after maturity but never in a hot coed porno kind of way.
"I can't believe my wife of 20 years went grouper on me and started bangin' bull-dikes"

"Bruce Jenner turned grouper and is now Caitlyn Jenner - from Wheaties to Froot-Loops at 50 years of age."
by fffrick February 29, 2016
An ugly girl with a big mouth who tends immerse herself in group settings.
Mark: Who was that ugly chick back there who wouldn't shut her fucking face?
Jeff: That's Gina, man. She's a huge grouper.
by CiseJ May 26, 2009
A moocher, a leach, a bottom feeding fish. Someone who tags along to parties they aren't invited to. Claims to be friends with people he/she has only met once. Likes all posts on social media by people considered popular.
Who is that girl at the bar? I don't know, must be some grouper that snuck in with Jeff.
by Andre5000 June 15, 2017
Slang for a party involving lots of taboo and group sex.
those Rock dale county kids sure throw a mean grouper.
by Dirty Schmuck July 11, 2011
Comes from the well known fish species assynidae - often used to describe someone in a non-complimentary fashion. He is a massive grouper - he is a large, fat, "fish" - derogatory term used especially in card games.
by M_O_U_L_D June 4, 2004
Man, that grouper had crabs or something. My fupa itches.
by Sentry459 July 11, 2018