"The Jeweler" is the title given to whoever is packing the bowl when smoking weed out of a pipe, named so because while packing the bowl, the person almost looks like a jeweler carefully and precisely placing precious gems on a ring.
Stoner 1: Hey man, I packed the bowl last time, it's your turn to be The Jeweler.
Stoner 2: Alright dude.
by King Kief February 22, 2014
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A beautiful SEXY young lady that shines like at jewel she is very fine andd will always have your back.She does not like drama and trys to stay out of it .If you ever be so lucky to meet a Jewell keep her in your life loyalty is her middle name. She is pretty and outgoing a girl that like to PARTY and have a good ass time !!! She is also crazy as fuck about her family or friends if u every step to them wrong she will come after yo ass
Brian: aye im bout to call Jewell to come party wit

Crystal: Hell yea nigga
by Braintheman January 05, 2013
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Jewel; Just her name takes your breath away by its uniqueness and beauty. Her flaws are none, and her heart is that of a new born child. Complete innocence and purity. Her outward appearance is that which is most pleasing upon the eyes. And if not careful, one might mistake her for an Angel itself. Her elegant ways of life might make one feel petty and of no worth compared to one of such beauty and stature. But her words are as pleasing as harmonies music to the ears. And with love and kindness she can melt your scars and pain away into the past. Making one to feel as though they have reached a heaven in which no pain or bad things exsist. She is loyal till death, and never would compromise a relationship. She is honest and that of good heart. But is easily hurt and made to cry. But fear not, for she yearns only to forgive and forget, so all that remains is peace and happiness. If you had to describe Jewel in one simple word, it would have to simply be, Perfect.
by 2Glam2GivaDamn August 02, 2015
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Jewel is a girl that you'd be lucky to call your best friend. She is a badass when it comes to handling difficult situations whether its dealing with her own or helping a friend out. Jewel is very unique and a really understanding person! When feeling low she'll bring out the smile in you. Aka she can also be very adorable at times.
Guy: Aye look it's Jewel , I wonder if she has a best friend?
Girl: Dude sorry but that spot has already been taken
by corpsebride March 01, 2018
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when someone looks inhumanly beautiful.

" Rahh , you look like a Jewell rn FR"
by Mvffin February 25, 2018
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Precious, sweet, caring, & a role model to others. A one of a kind person.
Oh! She is a jewel!
by tmbby March 04, 2015
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A kick ass person who is so amazing and you have to love her she is so beautiful! She is so SEXY!!! she is sweet kind fun energetic funny and she has a NICE ASS!!;)

(also known as Jewels)
"Dammm!! Jewel you are fine!!"
by ;);););););););););) January 07, 2012
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