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A beautiful SEXY young lady that shines like at jewel she is very fine andd will always have your back.She does not like drama and trys to stay out of it .If you ever be so lucky to meet a Jewell keep her in your life loyalty is her middle name. She is pretty and outgoing a girl that like to PARTY and have a good ass time !!! She is also crazy as fuck about her family or friends if u every step to them wrong she will come after yo ass
Brian: aye im bout to call Jewell to come party wit

Crystal: Hell yea nigga
by Braintheman January 05, 2013
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better than jules
an extremely hot chick who likes to be different.
brilliant in bed.
usually has great assets.
has a mighty fine ass.
loves to please others and her self.
strong minded.
always caring.
hey my name is jewells cause i like it that way! "wink"
jules julie
by notorious wombat August 03, 2009
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Jewell is a female name.

It is used for someone who is outlandish, peculiar, outside of the box. This person likes films that nobody understands and taking artsy black and white photos. For ease rather than skill they'll probably also own a Mac at one point in their life just because.
Stew: Hey Dave, who painted random shapes on the wall?
Dave: Weird, it must've been Jewell.

I have no bloody idea what that movie was about, it was too Jewell for me.
by Craterfacefive June 17, 2008
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The affectionate term for a friend that gets nut tagged regularly. No one would be suprised if/when he finds out hes actually sterile and has been so for quite some time. Jewells also gets hurt quite often in other pointless self inflicted ways but at least its fun to be around him.
Tom: Did you here what happened to Sean?
Jim: No what?
Tom: He was kicked in the nutts by a mule... repetedly...
Jim: When will Jewells learn...
by McFluffy1 September 28, 2009
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when someone looks inhumanly beautiful.

" Rahh , you look like a Jewell rn FR"
by Mvffin February 26, 2018
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