Bro 1: "I asked the waitress down in Tijuana what playlist they were playing at the restaurant on Spotify and she said it was JewTube.. what the fuck is JewTube??"

Bro 2: "No, retard. She meant YouTube, that's just how they pronounce it down there. Lol. Dumbass."
by yourmomsboyfriend July 10, 2019
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A circumcised penis. The loose coiling skin around the shaft is stretched and cut - usually when the boy is his infancy.
Chang : Hey Moshe ! Zip up your pants - your JewTube is being watched.
Moshe : Thanks bud. I was in a rush this morning.
by a_sporty October 7, 2010
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A youtuber who joins a minecraft server only to raise its queue times by ten million percent
FitMC...the biggest jewtuber of them all.
by InvaderInvader September 3, 2020
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Where Jews go to leave video clips of themselves counting their money.
Hey Jerry Seinfeld, i was cruising the internet last night and i saw a clip of you counting your money on Jewtube
by Simon Galls May 1, 2007
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Contrary to the "Jewish Youtube" crap, Jewtube is a movement on youtube to anger fans of My Chemical Romance by not only insulting the band, but more recently encouraging fans to commit suicide as a protest against the band's portrayal in media. This is a sick joke that i set to occur on May 31, 2008 at the March for MCR in London.
Jewtube videos are all over youtube. Why is this legal?
by KeelyxCore May 24, 2008
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