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The land of israel is the magical sexy place located between your balls and anus.

The little pieces of poo, lint, dirt, etc. that get caught in the hair around your anus and travel down to your israel are called israelis.

Some people however, call israel that sticky smelly butter that grows between your balls and anus when you don't shower.
Q: What on earth is israel?
A: You know, the region between your balls and arse.
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by Ziobungo! May 15, 2020
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portraying police in a positive or helpful light, when in reality they are the violent fascist tools of an authoritarian military state
β€œThat show is all copaganda. No such thing as a good cop.”
by venediction May 27, 2020
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Literally a Jewish ethnostate birthed out of the wrongful theft of land from the Palestinians. It is a live embodiment of stereotypical Jewry.
Stereotypical Jewberg: Oy vey, if you criticize Israel, you're an anti-semite!!!!!11!!1!!!!

Non-stereotypical Jew who doesn't conform to stereotypes: Well, if supporting a Zionist mafia makes me an anti-semite, then I'm an anti-semite now I guess, lol.
by Nonexistent Entity October 06, 2018
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An ethno-religious, race supremacist, settler colonial, apartheid project created for some jews in the Arab heartland mainly by terrorism & ethnic cleansing. Israel came into being propelled by zionism, a concept which made a mockery of judaism's moral values & ethical principles.

Israel denies its colonialism and continually argues it is a democracy, the problem is, israel isn’t a democracy as it excludes millions of people from its democratic proceedings and denies civil liberties to millions of people.

Just one example of many: jewish settlers live under civil law and are tried in civilian courts, with all of the due process rights that israelis within israel proper have, Palestinians are tried under military courts where their conviction rates are nearly 100 percent.

In 1917, Britain had no right to give away what it didn't possess.

The UN general assembly passed a resolution to partition Palestine into two states excluding Jerusalem, leaving aside that the UN had no authority to partition Palestine.

There was no UN resolution for israel, it was vitiated & it was while the general assembly was again voting what to do, that israel unilaterally declared itself to be in existence, it was not given a birth certificate, it has no legitimacy whatsoever.

A jewish ethno-state cannot, by definition, also be a liberal, democratic one β€” particularly when its population includes a large indigenous minority with a separate national and cultural identity.
Israel’s white supremacy agenda targets non-white jews, Arabs and Africans. A class system exists in israel and Palestinians are not the only target for israel’s animosity and ethno-centric policies.
by JAZ the Jewish Anti Zionist October 10, 2019
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A state that was established in Palestine in 1948 based on UN resolution that partitioned Palestine. It is a country that declares itself to be Jewish and therefore non-Jews are considered less of human beings. When it was established, it ethnically cleansed the native palestinians from its territories. It continues to be one of the most violators of UN resolutions, Human rights law and basic civil rights concepts.
In 2006 Israel lunched an attack on Lebanon using internationally banned weapons causing major destruction and deaths. It did the same thing again in 2009 against Gaza.
by Serious historian December 13, 2009
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A country that will one day, along with the United States, no longer be able to hide from it's devious lies, propaganda, and unholy treatment to the countries surroundnig it.

In time, the world will soon see what Israel did to the arabs.
"Hey! Did you hear? Israel killed 60 lebanese kids today!...oh, and they won't stop."
by Sibyl July 31, 2006
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According To The Altered Torah : The Land Promised By God To The Jews.

According To US, Britian, And UN : The Only Safe Haven For The Jews.

In Reality : A Country Formed By The Blood Of The Palestinians.
Israli Soldier: "We Are Peace-Loving Jews"

Palestinian Boy: "Liar! You Stole Our Land And Killed My Father"

- The Boy Throws A Little Rock On The Israeli Soldier Which Barely Touches Him -

Israeli Soldier : "Oh My God He Is A Terrorist!!"

- Rat-ta-ta-tatt -at-tat-tat-ta-tat-tat-atat-tat-at -ra-ta-tat-at-at-at-tat -
by Resistance Fighter June 02, 2005
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