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A guy named Jason who screams at his T.V. Whilst playing a video game and makes YouTube videos.
Jev: So yeah guys I was at work and HOLY SHIT CALM THE FUCK DOWN WITH THE FUCKING C4!!!!!!!
by Icpinthisbitch April 18, 2014
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A guy with a nice ass...a nice neck and nice tummy and thighs and back...
That JeV at the beach was looking at me funny, I wanted to kick him in the knuckles but he was far to pretty to break.
by Tay March 29, 2003
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Usually used in conjuction with a game such as Counter-Strike. When a group of friends either on LAN or using an online voice communcator (ie. vent or teamspeak) go in and basically mess around and screw up the server.

Such as going into a 1.6 server, buying all shields and making a wall that no one can get past. Or trapping people with shields. Also stuff that the pubmasters have done on their video.

Named after Jev because he does some stupid things =D
Yo, lets go Jev up this rats server..
by Averyy December 28, 2005
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