the leet cs team in cal-m who goes 3-10 the whole season but come up with awesome strategies in the counter strike gaming industry. Their movie, pubmaster-the movies can be found online, it shows how cs should be played and makes you rofl for days, weeks, or in my case-months.
A: Yo what's with the pubmasters?
B: I was playing with them the other day, geez, i was guarding the bridge on aztec and this T guy just jumped on the brige out of no where.
A: haha karl malOwned
by PeaceLoveRecycle August 3, 2004
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A clan that showed all gamers the way Counter-Strike was meant to be played. Far best the greatest clan in history, amazing strategies, humorous. Went 3-10-0 in CAL-MAIN. When they released their movie, #pubmasters had 500+ idlers.
aimetti: What happened to all my fame?
reCTOOR: Pubmasters fucked you up.
by kingxorz March 16, 2005
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