A girl who when u see u freeze and ur heart stops beating and when u feel in pain u think of her and ur more happy than anything. Also the most buetifall girl who always tries her hardest to help people when they r upset. And when she's crying u feel empty.
by Hpm_2007 April 17, 2018
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One of the kindest people in the world, always good to have a chat too. It may be tough to become good friends with her but once you do it will be one of your best friendships. They are also great at emotional support and making you feel better.
Friend: I'm so sad
Friend 2: Get Jess to fix it
Friend: Oh yeah she is the best at that stuff
by Sweaty Mcfetty November 20, 2019
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Jess is a name for a girl who is loyal and kind. She’s very smart, but can have no common sense sometimes. She’s strong, and beautiful. She doesn’t give up on you easily, and if she does it means you’ve done wrong, and you’ve hurt her too much. She’s always there if you need to vent, and she’s willing to do anything for you. If you ever get a friend like Jess, don’t let her go!
Wow that girls so beautiful! She must be called Jess !!
by Riverdalelover124 October 23, 2018
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A very tall person looks to be a giraffe and is very rich. One of their favourite hobbies is to flex (they love talking about their airpods). They normally don't give a f**k about homework and instead do 1200 tiktoks a day.
Did u see Jess today

Yeah. I could just about see her though the clouds with her airpods.
by Lawrence Rawlinsoya April 08, 2019
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she's super cool but also has big dumb bitch energy also she falls in love with people after 0.5 seconds of them being nice to her.
*someone being a dumb bitch*
stop being such a jess
by dumb bitch energy November 03, 2018
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A Kind and beautiful girl who cares deeply about her friends but hates her enemies with a passion.She is the most wonderful person i have ever met, and i treasure every minute with her, she does not appreciate short joke but will laugh along. She is indecisive but brilliant and the only way to improve her is if she shared her true feelings more
I think I may love Jess”
by EveryBarberque36Fan March 01, 2019
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a rather large homoerectus who often denies the fact that they are a potato
'what are you being such a jess for?'
by Sofaaaaaaaaaa June 11, 2020
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