Jess, commonly a shortened name of Jessica, is a rather tall girl. Jess has blonde hair and blue eyes. She thinks she funny although is not that funny at all. However Jess can be rather nice however talks behind everyone’s back no matter how close you are to her. In addition to thinking she is funny, she also thinks she is extremely pretty although,, she isn’t. Her high ego causes her behave like a thot, and constantly try to gloat and brag, although no one really cares because they know she is a thot. Jess is actually rather ugly and not that smart. She is desperate and fake, and will get with anyone she can, not only to just have the title of girlfriend and boyfriend but also to try and make other people jealous because she managed to score a really good person. She try’s to antagonise people although no one is scared of her and she won’t fight anyone. No one really likes her.
Person 1: who is that?

Person 2: ugh that’s Jess

Person 1: what’s so ‘ugh’ about her?

Person 2: She’s so fake

Person 1: Oh she’s ‘that’ jess?? I’ve heard about ‘her’

Person 2: Yeah, let’s go before she comes over
by c0w July 19, 2019
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A kind hearted stubborn boy, hes so beyond handsome and both genders fall for him quickly. He's witty and athletic, lives for a thrill. He's been through a lot but will never walk out on you. He treats his significant other like a king or queen. If you have a jess, don't ever let him go. You'll regret it tremendously. Treat him well. Don't walk away when things get hard.
Jacob; I'm so jealous of Dylan, jess treats him like a king.
Allison; me too, I wish my boyfriend loved me the way jess loves him.
by Heavenly Disaster March 28, 2018
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Joe: hey look its jess
Yuri: shes so fucking clapped it hurts
by interruptingcow November 13, 2019
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Jess’ are usually tall and brown haired and hate when people add an ‘s’ after the apostrophe when writing their names as a plural. They aren’t funny but somehow make you laugh more than anyone. They give pretty decent advice too. If you ever need to rant, grab a jess. Best. Gossiper. Ever. She’ll go on and on and on about how some bitch accidentally touched her hair. Jess’ are extra as hell. They love presents but giving presents is the most exciting thing for them. And being trendy. They often doubt their appearance and question their personality but everyone loves them really. So if you don’t know a jess, find one real quick. A 20 piece chicken nugget box from McDonald’s is the key to her heart.
Girl 1: Woahhhh that girl has clout goggles.

Girl 2: Yeah dude. She’s a real jess.
by Happy_Birthday_Jess May 16, 2018
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Jess is short and beautiful, she is funny and kind, even through tough times she always make you feel better and always has a smile on the face. She stands out of a crowd and comes up with the funniest things.
by Urban dictionary 2016 September 29, 2019
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Jess is someone who is absolutely ethereal, no matter where of when or what state she in, she is always gorgeous and glowing, she could make a whole crowd turn and say "she's so beautiful", she's one in million and frankly there isn't many women as amazing or as talented as Jess, she has many hidden talents she you'll need to get closer to her to discover, and she may seem more of a deeper person than the image she creates, it's impossible not to fall in love with Jess, whether it's for her perfect complexion or just how bubbly bright attitude, hands down she's the most incredible person you'll ever encounter so you shouldn't lose her or even remotely mess up, to win her heart you need to be respectful but also be humorous and witty and have a sense of understanding and relation to her interests and opinions. She's truly the best person to exist.
Damn... You know she's a Jess... She's ethereal
by animez._.beatz January 31, 2021
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She is happy doing her own thing puts her kids need before her own desires . prefers to be on her own because she knows people dont really have your back she will look at someone and walk away knowing its pain waiting to happen .
P1: did you meet jess ?
P2: shes impossible to becomes friends with!
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd June 20, 2019
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