A girl who often loves potato’s and will always go for a good cliff jump
by Beth Greene December 30, 2017
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Jess is Thicc with two C's
Caleb: Damn do you see that girl over there
Jack: Yeah she is pretty thicc
Caleb: She looks like an Amaya

Jack: No that's definitely a Jess
by Peter Hogwarts June 16, 2018
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Another term for a homosexual activity known as feltching.
Poor Wally decided to stay home and jess his boyfriend.
by Michael Wayne May 27, 2006
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A slag that attempts to cheat on every man she has. A huge compulsive liar and an attention seeker. If you get this bitch as a partner. You’re either stupid or thirsty
Man 1: i got a girl bruh
Man 2: sweet! Who is it?
Man 1: Jess
Man 2: eww you need to fucking higher your standards, man
Man 1: noo... shes different
Man2: you battered man i got no respect for you no more
by Soldierhero November 04, 2019
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Amazing funny friend who loves horses and fightes bitches who try to f*ck with her!
Hey,jess is over there lets go say hi!
by Evieeeeee October 21, 2019
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The absolute best, funniest, deepest and most caring person on Earth, and yes, although many Jess' may read this, I am talking about one specific Jess. YOU are the greatest person I have ever known, Jess.
Wow, I love Jess so much! She's so funny and gorgeous and I wish we could hang out more!
via giphy
by Ilovethepersonreadingthis October 07, 2019
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A girl who when u see u freeze and ur heart stops beating and when u feel in pain u think of her and ur more happy than anything. Also the most buetifall girl who always tries her hardest to help people when they r upset. And when she's crying u feel empty.
by Hpm_2007 April 17, 2018
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