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Jeremi is a talented young fella'. Amazing at sports and getting the ladies. Jeremi's tend to be homophobic, but don't agree with such hatred, and claim that they just don't like gay people which pretty much sums up what the meaning of being a homophobe is. Jeremi likes ass, fried chicken with a side of crispy fries, especially from KFC. He eats so much but is still a skinny twig.
He also has an amazing taste in fashion. Jeremi also buys new shoes monthly, but his friends disagree and claim he is broke, but trust me Jeremi ain't broke.
Jeremi is so hot! His shoes are so peng. Let's hang out with Jeremi
by jrmijeremijrmi November 04, 2018
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Says a lot of sh*t & loves basketball. All girls don't really like him. But very nice & funny...
Girls: Lets stay away from Jeremi, he talks about too much crap!
by Janutella December 04, 2016
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Jeremi, a blonde retard with a wig. A cheater and an unfaithful nazi supporter.
#Jeremi fucked my nan
by FreakygyalπŸ‘…β€οΈ September 26, 2017
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