A nice loving caring person that thinks of others always and won't let anyone miss out or go without.
Chick: gotta get me a friend like Jennifer

Dude: I'll say
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An amazing girl.Smiles all the time, whether she is happy or not.Laughs a lot. Usually very pretty.Is worth waiting for , fighting for, and most of the time some men don't deserve her.She can be shy and quiet around people she doesn't know.A very trustworthy person.Keeps her promises and doesn't reveal your secrets.An awesome friend.Loves to party and have fun.Prefers being called beautiful rather than hot or sexy.She is optimistic and very postitive.Very funny too, she can cheer you up when you r down.She likes for her voice to be heard.SO LISTEN!.She is beautiful and people would be lucky to have her in their life.She have a lot of common sense and great advice.She'a fun, outgoing, and perfect.Go for her and once you got her.Never let her go.
Guy: This girl Jennifer have a crush one

Friend: Dude that's awesome go for it , I heard Jennifers are wifey material:)))))
by lulbabbyyy March 13, 2017
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Jennifer would rather be called Jenny. Jennifer is a person who you can just come to whenever even though you might not know her she is there for everyone. Jennifer has a heart for everyone except if you mad her mad or turned your back on her but she dosen't hold grudges. Jennifer tries to be funny she succeds most of the time but sometimes laughs at her own jokes which ends up making it funny. Jennifer is a person who you might want to keep in your life because she will go throgh alot of shit for you and will never leave you behind no matter what.She always keeps her friends close even if it means annoying them.
Jennifer was laughing at her own joke lol
by mee-k March 16, 2015
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A beautiful,intelligent talented girl who is loved by everyone she keeps her freinds close but her enemies closer she is sneaky and has a great body sexualy attractive
(A Jennifer is my type of girl)
by Jennifer_60102 March 07, 2017
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I can love the darkest parts of anyone because i know what is inside of me. I can forgive and forget because i know what it's like to feel a certain way in a moment i know what it's like to be compulsive. I know what its like to want to have control over my own life because of being emotionally unbalanced. I know how it feels to lash out in angry and destroy someone. If anyone can love you for the monster you think you are its me.
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by mennΓ€perille December 18, 2019
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An amazing girl..that brings joy to peoples lives...shes one of the best friends you could ever have..shes short but so cute and adorable.. no words can explain her.she is unique..BEST GIRL EVER!!!!
"Jennifer is one of the best friends you could ever have
by Unknow_pinapple May 30, 2017
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An amazing, beautiful, caring, creative girl. She is the epitome of a goddess, and anyone would kill to have her as their own. She can do anything she sets her mind to, and she's wonderful. Shes not afraid to tell you how it is, however she considers everyone involved when making decisions and always puts others wishes before her own. She's loving and loyal and forgives but struggles to forget. Love her, all the girls wonder why she's so flawless but inside she carries the weight of the world and only those close to her know.
WOW look at her, she must be a Jennifer.
by lalalouise February 19, 2014
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