Jennifer is a comment name but a wonder full person that is nice to one and all, she is great in relationships but has hard trouble finding the right one that makes her happy. She also is very Beautiful but she also has a dark side that is really cruel
" Hey look it's Jennifer! "
by Clerk April 03, 2017
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Jennifer is the name of a unique girl .

She SEEMS shy at first ,but once you get to know her -my God .... She's so Damn funny .
She may not always have her good days ,but you never ever see her without a smile ... Wether is a real smile or not
by Isisssssszz :P March 29, 2016
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Jennifer is sweet/ bad she never she'll never give you your bad side cuz she's not like that. Unless you fight her make sure you have armor on. She's really funny too cuz Jennifer likes to have fun
Wow Jennifer is really funny
by Jessica Hernandez August 25, 2017
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A wonderful human being with a good heart and a strong will. She tends to dismiss negativity and does what she thinks is the right thing to do at that particular moment of time. She is a bit of a chameleon but she is honest and respects people for who they are. She is not perfect but overall she has good intentions that are sometimes misunderstood.
You can't deny Jennifer is a colorful one.
by kick_back_it's_cool July 05, 2018
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A kind hearted strong woman who's love for the people who's close to her is well known.
Wow isn't Jennifer one of the kindest people you know? I love her.
by Sky Kid December 19, 2016
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Jennifer a loving kind smart person that loves to do art. She makes u smile and is a fisty one and she does not let anyone get in her way. She well become her dream work and becom something big omfay and has and awesome body and if fit.
That one person:"is that Jennifer"?
That other person: "yes we all new she would become big"!
by That one u don't know June 01, 2017
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A female with class and quite perceptive judgement. Many underestimate her. She's brainy and can figure out who is backstabbing her with cool ease. She pays no attention to her haters because she's busy loving life. She keeps her true friends close though she often realizes the poor quality of people too well.
Jennifer surpasses expectations.
by kick_back_it's_cool September 06, 2019
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