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A vagina that gives off a fowl odor. A dirty cunt.
A pussy that smells like the bitch ran a 10k triathalon with an onion in her panites.
by seanL January 05, 2003
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A dirty stinky rancid pussy most likely belonging to a chav because there grubby shits. or a goth, because they dont see the point in washing when the world is goin to end.
Wash your filthy flea infested stinkbox you diseased slut.
by ethanol December 16, 2005
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When someone closes the bathroom door behind them after unloading a weeks worth of bowel movements. The offender often thinks they are doing a favor by keeping the stench trapped in the small space without proper ventalation instead of leaving the door open for air to circulate. Much like a dutch oven on a larger scale or hot box, only not fun.
Jim - who stink boxed the bathroom!

Sally - well i didnt want the rest of the house to smell.

Jim- a courtesy flush would of been nice!
by naughtyopie October 20, 2008
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