Indonesian slang for someone who tells a joke so unfunny you can't help laughing.
Sergio thinks we're laughing because he's hilarious, not because he's a jayus.
by E.M. Lazzarin November 4, 2007
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Jayus is an Indonesian word (that I just made an English word) that conveys the awkward humor behind a joke delivered so badly that you can’t help but laugh. In English, we sarcastically say, “That’s so funny I forgot to laugh.”
When a joke is delivered in a horrible manner, you say, "That was fuckin' jayus bro."
by Prochektic March 13, 2011
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Someone who you would want by your side. A smart, handsome, sometimes fucking stupid, real ass gangsta. This mans will never let a gas station go without a good fight. A night of pizza, games, and some wacky dancin is best fo him.
Brent: “Who’s that Sexy mofo walking down the ramp”?
Feeko: “awe man, nahhhhh.... that’s JAYUS! A real homie if I ever did lay eggs”.
by Rocketdude May 25, 2020
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Jayue is usually known as a cactus because he is a prick most of the time. Most Jayues are tall but otherwise very rude and has no emotional feelings for other people.
Boy: Your actually really annoying and rude
Girl: I don't care

Boy: Your just a Jayue
by Jayue August 28, 2017
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