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A kind, friendly girl who cares deeply for her friends and family. Also very has very pretty eyes and will stick with you until the end. Generally a girl who doesn't care what other people say and has respect for others
Guy 1: Do you know Jaymee?

Guy 2: Yeah she's so nice and friendly.

Guy 1: I wish I had a Jaymee.

Guy 2: Me too!
by Fuzziefuzzle November 26, 2013
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Jaymee is a girl that goes through though problems but makes the best out of them. She’s someone who stands up for her friends and shares her opinion. She also a girl who all the boys drool about and want to date. She’s skinny thick and has the best personality known to man. Often laughs at farts and things about poop.
Wow Jaymee is beautiful inside and out. Yeah and she cares so much ab me and my feelings.
by Jaymee February 27, 2019
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Jaymee is an amazing beautiful nice and smart person, she loves to dance and she is the next top model. Jaymee is an amazing friend and is always loyal, she is always told she looks great. Who ever she is you wanna have her as your friend.
Girl 1 “oh my god who is that isn’t she beautiful?”
Girl 2 “ haven’t you heard of her? Her name is Jaymee she is going to be the next top model!”
by Many people don't know me October 03, 2018
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Jaymee is an amazing guy who is smart, funny, happy, hyperactive, stunning and handsome. He has amazing eyes that can be stared into for hours on end. He will try to make everyone around him happy and wont give up until he sees a smile. If u have him as a boyfriend you are lucky; Keep him close to you and he will do the same in return.
Random girl 1: "I love Jay-mee's eyes"
Random girl 2: "I know right!!!"
by Daaboootehslut October 29, 2011
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Jaymee is the girl with no ass and a lot of make up! The guys still love her, mostly for her boobs.
Jaymee has no ass man.
Dudee i know and she wears so much makeup.
yea but she has nicee boobs!
by haygurl November 13, 2007
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A homosexual male that attempts to fill all of the negative homophobic stereotypes; Someone very annoying and attention-seeking; Someone trying to make themselves seem 'original' by changing the spelling of their name.
Oh my god...He's trying to spell his name 'Jaymee' instead of 'Jamie'...He is SO gay.
by lolsexhaha March 10, 2010
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