a big tool. otherwise known as a fag, a punk, or a jerk.
Martin thinks he is cool. he is not. he is a "jayce".

His nice points have gone down to zero. He is officially a jayce.
by ktlj May 04, 2010
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a boy who is a terrible bud. and has a little wienner.
luke: jayce your penis is so small.

jayce: bud why would you say that.

luke: your name shall now be a definition.
by von vorton December 29, 2011
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Someone who tries to act better and tougher than he really is because he is a weakling. They tend to do this in front of the opposite sex.
Jayce is a try-hard who thinks he's better than he is
by Venom Wolf June 01, 2017
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A Jayce (H.) is a total douchebag nerd who is normal in every way except he plays too many video game which people don't usually bring up.

Jaycee are usually avoided
Person 1.Dang hear about that jayce man?
Person 2. Yeah he is such a freakin weirdo
by Delta Fetus May 09, 2015
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