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Jayce is a very tall, attractive young man. He is very sweet but he can sometimes be rude. He also has an awkward side but his amazing personality and sense of humor drives the ladies insane. Whoever marries a Jayce will be the luckiest woman alive because not only will he give you beautiful children, you will be married to a Jayce for crying out loud!
tall attractive sweet rude jayce
by Dingo dog September 29, 2013
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A few weeks ago, no one had β€œcheugy” in their vocabulary . Now everything is saturated with the word. It’s in our heads. It’s in our homes. Everyone is asking: β€œAm I cheugy? Am I a basic ass bitch? Am I GUILTY of being cheugy?”

The proliferation of cheugy in the mainstream discourse can only be attributed to one source: mental terror. It’s an orchestrated psychological trap to make you question your tastes and interests in the eyes of others.

You are not a cheug. YOU’RE PERFECT!!!!

It is very suspicious that the cheugy mascot is a Minion, a literal cyclops, a deformed
yellow panopticon in overalls ... do not let the all-seeing eye to control you. Be vigilant. Resist cheugy psyops.
Becca is another victim of cheugy psyops. I saw the garbage truck take all her Ugg boots yesterday. She even removed β€œI LOVE The Office!” from all her dating profiles. She’s unrecognizable.
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by Callmemaybe69 May 12, 2021
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A Jayce is an amazingly sexy and talented guy.

Has an adorable butt and is always making people laugh.

Is a HUGE flirt, but is a great boyfriend to the right girl.
Plays lots of instruments and has a great voice.
Always puts himself down, doesn't realize how amazing he really is.
Is great at cuddling and kissing.
Life of the party no matter what.
Makes mistakes, but who doesn't?
Girl1: "Wow that guy is amazing!"

Girl2: "I know he's a total Jayce."
by SomeGirlThatIsAwesome July 11, 2011
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A rare species of "Bestest-best-friend-ever".

I wish I had a Jayce :(
by Jimmothy August 26, 2004
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jayce is an amazing person and beautiful human being. they are sexy and thicc and so awesome. every lindsay needs a jayce.
jayce is super lit.
by canyounot.thanks. March 26, 2018
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The second most helpful person on, next to dollyllama.
Thanks jayce, I always wondered what karma was!
by PhotoshopCSTrial August 26, 2004
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Jayce is a short brown hair and brown eyes with a big dick and a lot of girlfriends
Hi jayce thats a big dick you have there
by Hibbity April 08, 2018
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