The crazy black friend that everyone needs in their lives. The one that says OHAI THAR and pops out of nowhere, thus giving you a heart attack. Yup, thats him, the very defintion of awesome!

1. The lovable guy everyone knows and loves.
2. The crazy nerd who is yelling about some crazy fact.
3. The one that will bear hug you until you cannot breathe and your back is all cracked.
1: "OHAI THAR" *Death Hugs*
2: "Yup...that was JASON al'ight!" *gasps for air*
by RAWReatchu June 16, 2010
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A fucking wanker who ignores his girlfriend
him-" I can't talk to you today sorry, I'm busy" *plays crappy video game*

Me-"he says he can't talk to me today, but he's playing a fucking game"
Friend-"look's like your dealing with a Jason"
by Jimothy fucket February 14, 2015
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Jason is usually a large lumber jack type. Big, manly and indigenous to areas like Alaska, Washington or Montana but can occasionally be found in Colorado. They are not known to be romantic but are hard working and known to show affection by doing odd jobs around the house or by working overtime. They are rare to find and therefore very valuable. One of their unusual traits is that they are always found to have huge hands with sausage fingers. (Another valuable asset some might say.) Really rare Jasons also have a freckled complexion that on other men may look odd but on a Jason it looks HOT!
Jane: Amazing! Where did you find that Jason? Do you know where I can get one?
Mary: Stay back Jane! I may look small but I can get scrappy if you try to steal my Jason!
Jane: Whoa there Mary, although he is mighty handsome I wasn't looking for me. My sister Nancy could use a Jason. I, myself am more into Janets than Jasons.
by #1jasonfan February 03, 2010
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A loner. Usually a sad individual that drinks in excess. More than likely suffers from PPD or otherwise known as paranoid personality disorder. If not treated early, later in life can turn into full blown schizophrenia. Don't ever trust a Jason to go through on any promise. They are also compulsive liars.
Did you hear about Mark?

Ah, who cares...he was such a Jason.
by GoatRipper August 19, 2011
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Jason is a cute and funny guy. Jason loves to talk and spend time with a person he cherish and Jason normally has friend named Genevieve and one or the other will fall for another.Jason is a confident guy that would do anything to for his lover.Jason is special from other guys just notice how he is different from other guys and you will want your self a Jason, Unless your out of luck and es with a Genevieve.
Physically Attractive
Mentally Attractive
Emotionally Attractive
Jason : wanna grab a drink Me: (In head OMFG YES YES!!!!!) Ok!

Jason i want your babies every one of them!

Omg did you see what Jason Xu did for his Bae omg I would die for a boy like that!

OMG Jason remembered !!! awww!!
by not your bixxnezzzzzz October 28, 2015
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A man who only has eyes for one woman. Who has found his soulmate. His other half. A Jason loves and wants to be loved. He is a complete goofball,and so is this "other half". Jason could spend his days gazing into his lovers eyes,looking deep into her soul. Jason is getting married tomorrow and couldn't be happier.
I wish I could be a Jason.
by Wild Guy March 19, 2017
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