Jason's tend to fall in love with the best. Like, Kristina's. People with the name Jason will do anything to get the other person happy. They love Kristina and they will never stop. Ever.
"Whose that couple dating?"
"Oh that's just Jason and Kristina!"
by Hiii0330 September 18, 2011
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A greasy haired uni browed yuck mouth nigga has an obsession with other niggas cocks real fag shit
Guy yo that Jason's talking about my cock again
Girl yep jason loves cock he a real cock smith
by Ruths1984 March 14, 2017
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One who can't commit and is emotionally unavailable. Also known by the names "Hobbit", "Frodo", or "Fig".
When he didn't call me back after dating for two months and telling me that he loved me, I knew he was a total Jason.
by Christine Longbottom June 10, 2005
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Jason is a cute and funny guy. Jason loves to talk and spend time with a person he cherish and Jason normally has friend named Genevieve and one or the other will fall for another.Jason is a confident guy that would do anything to for his lover.Jason is special from other guys just notice how he is different from other guys and you will want your self a Jason, Unless your out of luck and es with a Genevieve.
Physically Attractive
Mentally Attractive
Emotionally Attractive
Jason : wanna grab a drink Me: (In head OMFG YES YES!!!!!) Ok!

Jason i want your babies every one of them!

Omg did you see what Jason Xu did for his Bae omg I would die for a boy like that!

OMG Jason remembered !!! awww!!
by not your bixxnezzzzzz October 28, 2015
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A douche who looks very similar to a Neanderthal. You can identify a Jason by his prominent brow bone and distinctive poof on his chin that he likes to call a chin-beard. In reality, this is mold that is growing upon his visage. His singing can be likened to toads mating. His breast size should be a solid b-cup which is accentuated best by his Lance Armstrong bike shirt. His bosom will cause some of the ladies to be jealous. He is short in both physical stature and schlong size. However, his ego makes up for this. Everyone should know that his IQ is at least 260, and that is DEFINITELY not an exaggeration. If he breaks up with anyone it is certainly a good idea, for his IQ told him so.
Girl 1: damn, I wish my boobs were as big as Jason's,

Girl 2: Yeah, I know, right? Me too. I'm only an A-cup...

Man in the forest: What's that sound. Is that a toad. Oh wait. Jason has begun a ballad...
by My guitar March 05, 2012
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