2 definitions by Proxxy Aristocrat

1. To praise someone
2. A sarcastic way of saying "congratulations"
Example #1

Girl 1: I got an A+ !
Girl 2: Kudos to you!

Example #2

Boy 1: Guess what?? Hola is Hello in Spanish!
Boy 2: Kudos to you for figuring that out...
by Proxxy Aristocrat January 20, 2010
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1) A boy who's mind is too complex to ever fully understand. He's very sexual and has never been able to stay in a relationship for more than a month. But when he finds his real love, he will love her with all his power making his happiness dependent on her.
He's very horny and might pressure his girlfriend unknowingly to do things with him.
On the outside, he looks like your average perverted teenage boy but once you get to know him (really get to know him) you'll find a much vulnerable boy who aches for love.

2) A boy that you just can't bring yourself to dump.

3) The only name that can be spelled with the first letters of five months.
Example 1: I love Jason but I always feel pressured by him to have sex.

Example 2: I want to dump him but he's so Jason.

Example 3:

J - July

A - August

S- September

O - October

N - November
by Proxxy Aristocrat January 20, 2010
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