"Check out my new shoes, I'm shinin' like Jarred in this bitch."

"You suck, why aren't you more like Jarred?"
by JarredJhahaha April 27, 2010
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A "jar" of 100 Ecstacy pills
My man just got a jar in last week. He's gotta get rid of all that X quick.
by Joe August 29, 2004
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A name, Usually for a male. Jarreds tend to be smart, witty, funny and sarcastic. They are fun to be around. Make great best freinds.
"Jarred scored 100% on his algebra test"
by lilfirefighter22 December 28, 2010
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Another name for pints of Lager or Beer
- You fancy a couple of Jars the night?
- You rate the Jars!
by jameshunttheshunt January 28, 2009
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Used mainly in the London area, meaning annoying
by Strawberry Jam January 1, 2006
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"Let's go down the pub and get a few jars in."
by Ninja Steve April 30, 2004
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a man who tells his girl the most romantic and wonderful things and misses his girlfriend.

also a man who feels that he never has to answer his girlfriend when she comes home to visit him

typically creates emotional rollercoasters that distract his girlfriend from her work
girl 1: did u talk to that jarred today?

girl 2: i sent him a text but that jarred never responded!
by roselaura January 15, 2010
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