Used to keep your jacking juice. Often hidden under the bed.
"Carlos! What is this!"

Uh oh, it sound like my mom found my Jacking Juice Jar.
by OnlyTheWorstPerson March 31, 2019
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JAR- Jizz And Run. When you are hooking up with someone and the other person cums (jizzes) and immediately runs away from you afterwards. Often times pre-ejaculation.
by Babysharkfang August 3, 2011
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The toughest gang straight out of Anaheim California. No other gang in So-Cal can out rank these foos. Basically they're Thanos with all the stones.
Im from JAR foo fu*k your mic set.
by Eyevann79 October 16, 2020
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ACRONYM: Just Aint Right.

This word is used to describe children who "Just Aint Right"

Synonyms: POPP, stupid, dumb, naughty, never going to fit in types, not mainstream, messed up, etc, etc, and so forth.

they have little or no potential to be normal until they get the right treatment/therapy.
Maria: Johnny has ADD.
Hose: No he doesnt, Johnny is a JAR!

Alex: This boy needs to go to the institution
John: Yeah, there is nothing we can do about it. He is a JAR.
by g-diggity June 10, 2006
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Fuck Jar Foo, there, you happy Foo?”
by December 14, 2020
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it means something funny- lol, timmins and area language
jar me out, means make me, or that made me, laugh
he/she's/you're a jar --- means he/she's/your funny
thats a jar---- means, thats funny
by Booly April 25, 2007
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