The day when the best person in the whole world turns 18. Happy birthday baby.
Hey, it's january 19th 2022, Jesica turns 18 today, how time flies dude!
by Who is I 28 September 8, 2021
The day the TikTok servers will be burned down, ending the era of cringe
12 year olds start protesting for the shut down of tiktok after January 1st 2022
by TheBanananana November 7, 2021
January 24 2022 is when Erick and Jose start to kiss and remember their love for one another.
Today is January 24 2022 let’s kiss!
by FreddyFraz4 January 23, 2022
It is on this day that Petra and Wihan have made a promise to each other,
to share the rest of their lives and forever cherish one another.

For it was on this very special midsummer day

that Petra and Wihan would stand before all of their loved ones and say:
We take each other as man and wife,
for better or worse, together for life.
To Petra and Wihan. Married since January 29, 2022.
by Lienkie November 21, 2021