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An amazing actress who has proven that you can still come back to fame when you're pushin' 90 years young. She's adorable, and so talented. She's aged gracefully and rocks the grey. When she was younger, she rocked out the Golden Girls, and now she's doing guest appearances on amazing shows. What a legacy.
1) My grandma is so sassy, she's Betty White'n it all up and through.

2) Girlfriend, when I hit over the age of 80, I hope i'm still as hip as Betty White was.
by Toulip Fontana May 22, 2010
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A person who reacts to political proposals in a way that shows they have no idea what they're talking about, but all the women in the audience agree with them without a second thought.
Welcome to the conversation, Betty White. You didn't read my side of the argument at all, did you? It had nothing to do with abortion.
by The Amazing Bill O'Reily May 15, 2011
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After ejaculating inside of an old, white haired woman, pull out and piss all over her, stating, "Now that's golden, girl."

Can also be referred to as and Estelle Getty. But, under no circumstances, as the Bea Arhur.
Earl finished off his night of grannying by giving the old bitch a Betty White.
by Big Droz June 23, 2009
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When someone gives you a blowjob from behind you "Dick tucked" and as they suck you off one of your ass hairs tickles their nose and makes them sneeze into your ass. Thus making you shit and cum at the sametime
Dude you won't believe it but I got that stripper last night to give me a Betty White.
by Betty W June 13, 2018
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The sex act of urinating on a woman and then ejaculating in her hair. The Betty White was first invented when I was doing Betty White and she pissed herself. Then I came in her hair.
"I had to piss and I was horny so I Betty White'd the Bitch."

"You give her a golden shower, so she's a golden girl, and you made her hair white. You know the Betty White."

"Don't ask Bea Arthur about the Betty White."

"Tarantino got his start doing the Betty White."
by Phillip Michael Galbraith April 03, 2009
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