An amazing actress who has proven that you can still come back to fame when you're pushin' 90 years young. She's adorable, and so talented. She's aged gracefully and rocks the grey. When she was younger, she rocked out the Golden Girls, and now she's doing guest appearances on amazing shows. What a legacy.
1) My grandma is so sassy, she's Betty White'n it all up and through.

2) Girlfriend, when I hit over the age of 80, I hope i'm still as hip as Betty White was.
by Toulip Fontana May 23, 2010
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To treat someone like you would treat Betty White (because who wouldn’t treat Betty White like the G.O.A.T that she is)
I’m going to need you to go Betty White that customer.
by Some7 March 9, 2023
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A legendary old woman who has been falsely reported dead so many times that it has effectively rendered her immortal.
Betty White is a vampire. That is the only possible explanation for how she looks so amazing at the age of 99.
by Someone who kinda exists October 8, 2021
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Person 1 “ wanna take pics tomorrow?”

Person 2 “bet

Way cooler person 3 “betty white
by oLdToWnRoAd April 8, 2019
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Another term for bet usually used to exclaim excitement or commitment
Person1:Hey wanna I’m growing a killer party tomorrow you coming?

Person 2:Betty White! I’ll be there
by Alexian421 April 11, 2021
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A person who reacts to political proposals in a way that shows they have no idea what they're talking about, but all the women in the audience agree with them without a second thought.
Welcome to the conversation, Betty White. You didn't read my side of the argument at all, did you? It had nothing to do with abortion.
by The Amazing Bill O'Reily May 16, 2011
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