I doubt you could even imagine it, a actually good game for the times we're in.
A Spiritual successor to the DARKSOULS Trilogy, just like the trilogy, bloodborne, and Demon's Souls this too is another banger that doesn't fail. If anyone is talking shit about it and never played a souls game in their life just understand its their first experience with a title like this. These games may be hard but just go with Sorcery or the current Meta Build, if you don't wanna do either there's Co-op.
Discord user 1: "Dude I love Elden ring! I've been playing this game for hours on end and I just LOOVEE this game!"
Discord user 2: "I heard its hard, should I buy it?"
Discord user 1: "It's hard but sorcery builds and co-op can make the game easier, but yea dude totally buy it man. We'll duo every boss in the game."
by Fro_ozo May 8, 2022
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I doubt you could even imagine it. Another joke by George R.R Martin (and this time FromSoftware). Something that does not exist, and never will exist. It's subreddit has gone completely hollow, mindless fiends who have replayed Dark Souls 150 times since the Elden RIng trailer and make memes about going hollow all day, everyday
Guy: Hey, have you heard? they are finally releasing Elden Ring!
Subreddit Hollow: *incomprehensible noises*
Guy: 2053!
by PuceAardvark / YouTube September 16, 2020
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Oh, I doubt you could even imagine it..... The game that caused a entire fan base to go hollow. The Elden Ring! A game that is so good that it has a dedicated cult to it before release, with its own lore, which rivals the real game itself. Trust me, I am The Holy Miyazaki!
Guy one- Hey, have you beaten Glaive Master Hodir yet?
Guy two- Who?
Guy one- You couldn’t imagine it... I mean the first boss of Elden Ring, that game that made millions hollow.
Guy two- No, I haven’t played, did you?
Guy one- Nobody has to my knowle____
VaatiVidya- Move peasants, I beat him with the power of LORE!!! Bow down to me, fear me weaklings, for I am the only one to ever survive the thousands of stages of Glaive Master Hodir!!!!!
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"One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them"

Many of saught the power of the one ring and waiting long in the darkness. Now it's time has come and the one ring wants to be found!
A: Did you hear about the one ring?
B: That thing Sauron was searching for?
A: Yeah, Elden Ring. Apparently he found it
B: Does this mean the fires of war are coming?
A: Nah mate, war is off. he hasn't come out of his tower for days. Even his eye has turned towards fextralife.
by AngelTech February 25, 2022
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Bro I was giving my grandpa a sponge bath and I had to clean his elden ring
by KetamineKrabs911 March 27, 2022
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